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Topic List disappears in Firefox

  • Will Brownsberger


    For some strange reason, the list of “topics started” in the user profile does not work in Firefox. It works in IE, Safari and Chrome.

    To see the problem, try this link in the several browers.

    In firefox, nothing is visible below the header “Forum Topics Started”, while in the other browsers, a topic list appears as expected.

    The behavior is the same for the replies list. In this example, the user has no Favorites and the statement that there are no favorites does appear. In the case of a user with favorites, nothing shows.

    So, I guess there is something in the source that generates list for this page that Firefox doesn’t like.

    I’m on bbPress 2.2.3 and WordPress 3.5. I have a few theme modifications to bbpress in place, but not for this template and I had noticed that the problem was occurring before I made the modifications.

    Baffled. Presumably, the source served to the browsers is all the same.

    Any suggestions?

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  • Will Brownsberger


    Ok, partially solving my own problem, I found that when I comment out the upper pagination link (which is empty because the list is not long), the problem is resolved.

    Commented out:
    user-favorites.php, line 20
    user-replies-created.php, line 20
    user-topics-created.php, line 20

    That is a work around that solves the problem on my site, but perhaps there is a direct fix to the function call that would return nothing instead of empty divs when no pagination is needed. Would implement this fix if anyone can see it easily.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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