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  • schossie


    I am using bbp 2.5.14 BP 4.3.0 and WP 5.2.2

    A user was creating a topic and it automatically ended up in pending…Why is that and can that be prevented?
    There was already a lot of discussion about that 4-6 years ago, but I couldnt find any solution..

    The text he wrote was “I feel like a victim, can you help?” I dont know if this was the trigger?
    I didnt set up a wp black list yet and also akismet is not activated..

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  • canvasstudio


    So maybe long in coming, but just started working on a new bbpress BuddyPress forum.

    Basically if a topic contains an invalid code such as a url (not and image url link), once submit it goes into draft mode. There maybe other reasons, but invalid code in topic is one.

    I am currently working on a fix, short of making the tag available global. Biggest issue is link spamming.



    Ok so looks like for me it was the site rule with 2 or more links it goes to moderation.

    This is not to say other issue can cause it, but this is my issue.

    So now need to make sure user understand that, or they get notice of reply or topic requires approval.

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