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Topic Export returns 0 records

  • sandi8378


    When I go to Tools Export and select Topics, the export file is empty. I have 211 topics on my forum. Using bbPress v 2.6.3 and WP v 5.3.2. site is Thank you for any help you can give. Don’t know if this is a bug or not.

    We need to move this forum to another wp install and a different domain. I was able to export and import users, forums, and replies but not topics. I even tried extracting the 211 topic records straight from the wp posts table and exporting them via XML format but the file was incompatible when I tried to import it. So you can see I’m a bit desperate for an answer!

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  • Robin W


    just tested it – seems fine.

    it could be a theme or plugin issue


    As a test switch to a default theme such as twentyfifteen, and see if this fixes.


    If that doesn’t work, also deactivate all plugins apart from bbpress and see if this fixes. if it does, re-enable one at a time to see which is causing the error.

    Then come back

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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