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Topic content not showing up

  • kavehmovahedi


    I have the latest version of wordpress running (4.5.2) and latest version of bbPress.
    Everything was working just fine before i moved my host from windows to Linux server.
    Now i can see the forums and topics in each forum. but when i open a topic the content and replies are not shown in the pages, only the reply form shows up.
    I can see the replies in the admin panel but clicking view from back end opens the front end reply to … without the reply content.

    I have already tried these :
    1) disabling all other plugins
    2) switching to wordpress default themes
    3) creating a new page with bbPress shortcode
    4) copying the php code provided in other forums
    5) removing and re-installing bbPress

    it’s driving me crazy ! i have tried all 2 links on google’s 2 first pages for search results of “bbPress content not showing up”, “bbPress topic content not showing”, “bbPress replies not shown”,…

    Best Regards,

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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