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Topic and/or reply visible only to specific users ad hoc

  • xtender111


    I’ve looked and looked. I’m currently using the plugins bbp-private-groups and private replies for some similar features, but what I really want to do is:

    1. When the user (who is not necessarily admin of any kind) want to post a new topic give the user the ability to directly address specific other users, meaning that only the specifically named users (and admins) are able to see and reply to the topic.

    2. The same would also be useful in replies to existing topics. (It is somewhat similar to what the plugin private replies does.)

    Does any such plugin exist?

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  • xtender111


    The closest I’ve found is – judging from the description – Zaerl Visibility based on _ck_ hidden forums, but it seems to have been discontinued at least 6 years ago.

    Robin W


    no plugin to do that exists – it would be very complex to design

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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