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To make bbPress ready for mobile

  • Jing


    We have been trying to build a mobile app. It requires an API to handle the following:

    1. Create a new topic,
    2. Reply to a topic,
    3. Subscribe to the forum
    4. Subscribe to a topic
    5. Display the name of the user who created the topic
    6. Display the name of the user who replied to the topic
    7. Delete a topic he created
    8. Delete the reply he created
    9. Edit the topic he created
    10.Edit the replies he made

    We have been testing this plugin:

    Not only was it old, it does not handle any function related to “write” functions. For example, we can pull out the bbPress info (Read), but we could not use this API to create topics or submit a reply.

    With this limitation, it is hard to imagine people will stick with bbPress as mobile becomes more crucial.

    Yes, we could create custom solutions using WP REST API, but this is not ideal for bbPress. And more important, we could not find the latest documentation.

    Please address this gap or if there is already a recommended solution, help as many people know about it as possible.


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  • Huzoor Bux


    Hello @Jing did you find anything for your bbPress mobile app APIs because I am also looking for some APIs to make a mobile app for my bbPress.




    Our developer built an app around it.

    He uses the WordPress API and it is running great!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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