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TinyMCE for guests?

  • codejp3


    I’m posting this on behalf of another user from this topic/post. I can’t verify this, but they claim that the TinyMCE visual editor used to show for guest posters (yes, guest posting is enabled on their forum).

    They’re claiming that at some point within the past few months, that stopped.

    I tried on my dev server and confirmed that guests do NOT see any visual editor buttons, but I don’t know how long that has been the case, or if guests were ever able to see the TinyMCE editor in the first place.

    I’m scratching my brain trying to figure out how to enable the TinyMCE editor for guests. There’s nothing helpful related to this in the WP TinyMCE docs, WP Rich Text Editor Filters, or in the TinyMCE v4 docs. Browsing through /wp-includes/class-wp-editor.php (specifically the editor_settings method) was also a bust.

    The only check I’ve been able to find that determines whether or not to display it is “user_can_richedit()”, and even forcing ALL users to have richedit capabilities doesn’t solve it:
    add_filter('user_can_richedit', '__return_true');

    So my question – How do you enable the TinyMCE editor for guests???

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  • codejp3



    Apparently this is only a problem on some sites with misconfiguration/other issues, and also for certain browsers.

    I am able to get the TinyMCE editor control buttons to display properly on a fresh test site, and it works well on every common browser.

    The issue at hand is on a specific site with specific issues that need to be dug into a little deeper. It is not an overall bbPress/TinyMCE issue. You can ignore this topic and not post any suggestions (unless you really want to).

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