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Time Stamp Fetching for posts suddenly broken

  • 8ird


    Hi there,

    I’ve been successfully clinging on to bbPress 1.2 (last standalone) with my forum, so far without any problems.

    Sadly that changed about a month ago when the forum suddenly started fetching “wrong” time stamps for user posts.

    Now when I say wrong time stamps, what I really mean is differing time stamps, from what I could observe of about one hour.

    Lets say I post something at 2pm, then one of my users comes on and he posts a reply shortly after. Now that reply doesn’t get a time stamp of, say, 2pm1min, but instead 3pm1min. The forum will now treat this post as if it were posted in the future, resulting in the output “posted -1 year ago” until forum time is past 3pm1min.
    The second and more urgent consequence is that if I or anybody else with the “right” time stamp assigned to them will post another comment within that hour, that reply will be added in the wrong order prior to the first reply.

    As for solving this issue, I have tried to figure it out in the code (to no avail) and even did a rollback of the forum and database to March 2014 for test purposes, yet the issue persists.
    This leads me to believe that it cannot be related to any bad code (especially since the software and Plugins haven’t been touched in months), but rather that there may have been a fundamental change in the way the date function in post.php works. I can’t even seem to figure out where bbPress would fetch it’s time data from.

    Banging my head against the wall at the moment, any help would be hugely appreciated.


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