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Time management needs a lot of care

  • The management of time and timezone in bbPress needs some care soon, actually you have to set up in config.php the timezone of your server to have freshness works, but this way you loose the time of your timezone if different.

    This is not a problem if server and users are on same timezone or in adiacent ones, but as I’m setting up a forum all in italina that has a timezone GMT +1 but server is in LA on PST timezone all the things mess up, if i wanna have time of posts correct for italy i get freshness gettind mad showing up -1 years freshness if i set the PST time zone freshness works right but i get the post time in that timezone too and this is not nice neither right.

    I don’t think I’m the only one with this problem and the time management actually is not clear at all maybe it needs to have a server timezone offset and a desired tforum timezone offset or something like that.

    Any ideas ?

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  • thomasklaiber


    I have nearly the same problems.

    As I saw on Trac, there is already an important ticket aviable for this and I think it will be fixed in 0.80 or so …



    I just wanted to bump this time problem again here. Originally I had GMT – 5 hours. I set the correct GMT-7 for my server (in CA even though I’m in NY) but I still have Freshness -1 year for a few hours before it suddenly crosses the zero line and starts behaving more normally.

    Is this problem about to be resolved or should I keep playing “guess” the hour games until this problem stops happening?


    I am mountain time with a server in mountain time and I still had to tell config.php to use Eastern time for posts to show up correctly. That is part of the reason Micheal is auditing the time functions for the release of 0.8 coming out fairly soon.




    I think this is the specific TRAC ticket to watch:

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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