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Threading not working with multisite, unless Forum settings are the same

  • Norman Cates


    Hi ya,
    So I was struggling with getting threading to work in a discussion.

    I tried in 2017 theme and threading still didn’t work.

    I’m running a multisite with two sites.

    I turned threading on in the sub-site that I’m actually using for the Forums.

    But threading wasn’t working.

    I discovered that if I turned it on for the base site, then it started working in the sub site. I got threaded conversation.

    This seems like bug? Or at least needs documentation that this is the way it’s supposed to work.

    I still don’t get the text entry box under the item I’m replying to. Which I understand it’s supposed to do?


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  • Norman Cates


    And here’s something else really weird.

    If I create a new Topic in a Forum (#77), the Topic Reply buttons has a link of:


    Rather than what I would expect which would be something like:


    THis caused me immense confusion when I couldn’t get it to thread off the first post.

    I guess this may actually make sense at some level? But it does seem inconsistent with the rest of the interface.

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