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threaded replies still not working in 2.6.3

  • jrv123


    Wordpress 5.3, bbPress 2.6.3

    When you create a reply to a reply, a “_bbp_reply_to” postmeta row is NOT created; so everything ends up being a reply to the main topic, as opposed to a reply to another reply.

    Specifically the URL

    that initiates creation of the reply, the “bbp_reply_to=49888” part of the URL is not being assigned to the created reply’s metapost ‘_bbp_reply_to’ data row.

    As a result, the hierarchical nature of replies is not reflected on the UI, nor in the database.

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  • jrv123


    replace bbpress 2.6.3 with bbpress 2.5.14.

    Create a topic, then create a series of semi-random reply-to-reply, and look at the hierarchy that is displayed.

    Change to bbpress 2.6.3, and try the same thing. Create a topic, then create a random series of reply-to-reply, and some of the reply-to-reply end up being interpreted as reply-to-topic.

    the other thing i’ve noticed, bbp_insert_reply() is no longer being called.
    In bbpress/includes/replies/functions.php, put exit(-1); at the topic the bbp_insert_reply() function, and you will notice that the function is NEVER called.



    I’m facing the same issue. Any fix?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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