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Thinking about dropping FluxBB and using BBPress (looking for feedback)

  • Hi everyone,

    I’m seriously considering dropping FluxBB (that i’m currently using for a large messageboard) and using BBPress.

    I would stop using FLuxBB for various reasons (mostly because i feel like FluxBB isn’t really alive anymore development-wise and also because i’ve been using wordpress for many many years and really digg the WP/BBpress community & coding) but… i was wondering is BBPress would do the job for a large messageboard with many users and connections everyday ?

    I’ve tested BBPress many times, installed the latest version again yesterday for a test run and tested many plugins, tried customizing themes to see if it would fit my needs etc. and it looks sweet but there’s one thing i can’t tell: would BBPress work fine with many users ? Would it be just as good and even better than FluxBB once i’ve installed the plugins needed and export everything from FluxBB to BBPress ?

    Do any of you use BBPress with hundreds of users on a daily basis ? It is running smoothly ? Is it responsive and fast ? It is made to work with huge amount of users and connections ?

    Thanx for your feedback. I’d really appreciate any experience you have / had.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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