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Thesis integration?

  • Can anyone give me a nice easy way to pull BBPress into a Thesis page?

    Or come to that, a nice easy way to pull BBPress into any WP page?

    I may have missed it but what I am looking for is something as simple as this…

    1. Create a WP/Thesis page, with no sidebars, called “whatever”

    2. Go to Page > Edit and edit the page you created, select HTML and insert “[BBPress]”

    3. Create a menu item which opens the page.

    That would do nicely.

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  • WordPress and bbPress don’t have “theme integration” – so that sort of seamless integration isn’t going to be easy, as far as I’m aware.

    If you can make a “Thesis compatible” HTML template that’s supported in bbPress, you could then use the WordPress Thesis plugin to generate a CSS file… then drop that into the bbPress style.css file. That should do the trick.

    What is a Thesis Page?

    johnhiler, I’ve been converting WP theme into bbPress themes. Just need more people to ask for the free help.



    A thesis page would just be a WordPress page in the Thesis Theme by Chris Pearson, I think.

    What you’re asking for, PubDirLtd is the reason that they are considering making bbPress a WordPress plugin, to do exactly that. Right now, it does not. It’s not a plugin for WordPress.

    Some people have had success with putting their forum inside an iframe in a WordPress page, but that’s just an ugly hack and has its own problems.

    I have written a tutorial that could help but its not live yet. Will post the link here once its live

    A “Thesis page” is just like any other html/php/css WP page except that it uses Thesis Hooks, which is the framework Chris Pearson created to sit on top of WP and is far more efficient than the underlying WP code. It looks like this…


    // Using hooks is absolutely the smartest, most bulletproof way to implement things like plugins,
    // custom design elements, and ads. You can add your hook calls below, and they should take the
    // following form:
    // add_action('thesis_hook_name', 'function_name');
    // The function you name above will run at the location of the specified hook. The example
    // hook below demonstrates how you can insert Thesis' default recent posts widget above
    // the content in Sidebar 1:
    // add_action('thesis_hook_before_sidebar_1', 'thesis_widget_recent_posts');

    * function custom_bookmark_links() - outputs an HTML list of bookmarking links
    * NOTE: This only works when called from inside the WordPress loop!
    * SECOND NOTE: This is really just a sample function to show you how to use custom functions!
    * @since 1.0
    * @global object $post

    function custom_bookmark_links() {
    global $post;
    <ul class="bookmark_links">

    <li><a rel="nofollow">&title=<?php urlencode(the_title()); ?>" onclick="'<?php urlencode(the_permalink()); ?>&title=<?php urlencode(the_title()); ?>', 'delicious', 'toolbar=no,width=550,height=550'); return false;" title="Bookmark this post on">Bookmark this article on Delicious</a></li>

    Thesis is on one level, just an additional library of high level functions, and at another, its an incredibly easy way to design and manipulate your theme/template. The structure of the framework and the finished theme it provides also happen to be presented in a very SEO conscious way, which is obviously a big selling point.

    What I would really like to see is a BBPress Template written for Thesis. Hmmm. I wonder. How hard can that be?



    you can start by reading this topic i guess

    Thanks. I am not much of a hacker and after reading that it made me realize that Thesis brings an additional level of complication. I’ll go talk to some of the nice folks over at Thesis and try and figure out if I am up to it.



    hmm i never use thesis but that link i gave you have tutorial about how to use wp function in bbpress so all you need to do is costumize little bit in bbpress header and footer template.

    @chrishajer – I thought some more about what you wrote regarding the WordPress plugin idea.

    I imagine, having worked with BBPress for so long, you guys are no longer concerned or have forgotten just what a royal pain in the butt it is to set up. Most of the pain could be avoided if it had been scripted and become a simple CPanel/Softaculous install, for example, but it hasn’t.

    I am new to BBPress, and I have to say that my first impression is, compared with BuddyPress installation/integration (which is already that simple WordPress plugin), BBPress has a looooong way to go.

    And I suspect, one of the reasons why there is such a big difference in the size of the respective communities, is that most of you guys don’t mind/quite like to fiddle with the technical stuff.

    Haven’t you got the engine room steering the ship? Where are the ‘marketing guys’ out there finding out what the people really want, and steering the development, rather than what interests the coders?

    It might surprise you to know (well I know it would surprise the coders), most people (WAY more people in the world), just want THEIR WordPress to load a plugin right into THEIR existing theme, and off they go.

    Badabing badaboom!

    I can’t see how, if the developers of BBPress can’t make it that simple, and also a darn site more compatible with WordPress itself, how its ever going to survive. Really.

    And with the release of the merged v3.0 not far away, is that opportunity going to be grabbed or lost?



    I am new to BBPress, and I have to say that compared with BuddyPress installation/integration, which is that simple WordPress plugin, BBPress has a long way to go.

    Whereas, it might surprise you to know, most people (WAY more people) in the world just want WordPress to load a plugin right into their existing theme and off they go.

    bbPress isn’t a WordPress plugin. It uses the WordPress core functions but it’s a separate project. You can’t compare the installation of a WordPress plugin with the installation of bbPress. Also you can’t compare the communities cause the two software are completely different. One is a blog engine. One is a BBS engine.

    @PubDirLtd – I don’t have the links handy, but you may want to read up on some of the earlier discussions around the future of bbPress… it’s moving in the direction you mentioned.



    @PubDirLtd – there’s no need to say anyone here is unconcerned or has forgotten anything. Everyone knows what a pain in the butt it is to integrate WordPress and bbPress for logins, functions or theme integration.

    Since you’re new here you might want to read up a bit on the discussion of making bbPress a WordPress plugin. With custom post types in WordPress 3.0, it looks like it will be even easier to make bbPress into a WordPress plugin. I’m all for that.

    The discussion started here with making bbPress a WordPress plugin:

    There was relevant discussion about it in the forums too:

    > if the developers of BBPress can’t make it that simple

    Right now, there are no developers.

    The man in charge of the project is Matt Mullenweg and you might be better served addressing him directly with your concerns, to ensure they’re heard:

    @johnhiller — I just read that back in December “Matt Mullenweg dropped the bombshell yesterday in IRC: bbPress, the often forgotten forum option, could become a WordPress plugin in the near future”. I’ll have to get myself an IRC client and start participating. Any idea of timescales?

    @chrishajer — I didn’t mean to come off too strong on that but on re-reading what I wrote, it does read that way. I apologize for that. And if its Matt Mullenweg that needs to have the benefit of my help and guidance I will be sure to let him have it… 8^) In the meantime, while I wait for commonsense to prevail, which I now know ‘appears’ to be happening (see comment above), I’ll content myself with creating my own template to match my current Thesis/WP theme. What joy.

    I’ll content myself with creating my own template to match my current Thesis/WP theme.

    It’s not hard it’s mostly editting header.php, footer.php, and style.css. Other than that it’s making “Tags” into a seperate file like “sidebar.php” in WP and calling it. I usually call it bbp-sidebar.php and call it by the include functions. It’s getting users so fustrating that I offered to help. If you need help let me know.

    And the IRC chats I think someone has to initiate it and others will follow. I would do it but I feel that since I can’t code I would feel like I’m commanding people without helping them. Like chrishajer said “Right now, there are no developers” so leadership isn’t there only a lot helpful users.

    (I don’t know the quote bbcode)




    You can use this in your browser without having to download a client.

    Just join the #bbpress channel. Right now, there are no chats scheduled that I know of, but the channel is always available and there are sometimes people in there. #wordpress is much more active.



    gerikg, no bbcode here. To quote something, use the HTML blockquote

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