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Theme: WP Mimic Released (v.02)

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  • _ck_


    Very nice work.


    don’t forget to add the info at the top of style.css

    Theme Name: WP Mimic
    Theme URI:
    Description: This theme is called "WP Mimic" because it is structured after the current themes of WordPress (.com and .org) forums.
    Version: 0.02
    Author: limited
    Author URI:

    and make a proper screenshot

    Thanks, I’ll update it in the next version update.



    Beautiful theme! I’m going to check it out further!




    Its a great theme.

    One problem, when the forum uses categories, these categories are displayed as forums with 0 (zero) messages

    I use 1.0alpha2



    Very nice theme. A great candidate for an accompanying WordPress theme too.



    This theme is still under development. I have yet to test the theme out in 1.0. alpha.2. But I will once WP2.7 has a stable release…

    A WP Theme (2.6.3) can be seen at



    Awesome theme. Thanks for releasing it!

    I have modified it a little and used it here:

    I’m translating and modifying the theme, you can see it in my forum:

    I’ve made some changes to adecuate it to bbPress 1.x (core code adaptations to new functions). I’ve changed some css too, reordered the front page, added the description to the style.css and a screenshot and a lot more. When it is finished I’ll publish it.

    Hi I am aware that this is an old topic but was wondering is there anyway where I could download copy of this WP Mimic bbpress theme or if someone would be kind enough to upload it somewhere.

    Thanks in advance.

    So nobody has this WP Mimic bbpress theme :(

    thanks anyways




    WP Mimic 0.02 download link for you! enjoy and have fun! ;)

    thank you clockworker also thanks to suzkaw (Eric)




    Interesting theme, thanks for the update clockworker. :)

    Nice suzkaw.. very nice * thumbs up *



    Can someone please help me fix the view for google Chrome: of the search and edit pages. In both my site as in the preview in the bbshowcase it “forgets” to use a template.

    view in chrome this link and see:

    Need a fast fix


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    Could you please help me fix the view in google chrome?

    also maybe help fix the sticky topics situation

    Your search.php file is a completely different file. The header and footer might be the same, but the body is all messed up. If you edited the file, download the theme again and do a comparison.

    Nice theme! but how do you make different background color on the topic and replies like this forum white and gray.

    There are broken templates like Register, Forgot Password, Add New post…etc. How do I fix all those?

    Look like Zuzkaw version is more cleaner.

    It would be nice if bbPress include this forum theme as default instead the crappy one.

    Thanks for this



    Great theme! I love it, I’ll try on my site, thank you and huge for you.

    Can anyone tell me why my sticky posts don’t work in this theme.

    They show up just like all the other posts and the yellow sticky post area at the top is empty?

    my site is

    download the updated version

Viewing 25 replies - 1 through 25 (of 27 total)
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