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Theme Question

  • I have a theme i ported over to wp and bbpress. It has the option of being one, two and three column’s layout. Im working on getting the other columns ported over i have the basic three column working now.

    Theres links under the header to click to switch to each column layout. I want to keep this feature to offer my members. My question is there a simple way for me to let users switch columns? Like using a theme switcher or some other way? Ive searched the support forum here and so far i havent found a user theme plugin switcher on here. Is there one made that im overlooking? Even if there was one just because a user switched themes in the forum doesnt mean it would switch themes in the wordpress….

    Can someone help me figure out to accomplish this?

    website url: <– work in progress

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  • It sounds like you really have a wordpress question since everything is running under wordpress… but here’s a plugin for wordpress to switch themes (I haven’t tried it myself)

    I don’t believe there is one for bbPress at the moment, considering there aren’t a lot of themes out there.

    Well i knew about the wordpress theme switcher. What i was really wondering was if someone had already made one for bbpress or was currently making one i guess. Or if there was another way to do what i wanted without having to use a theme switcher.

    Thank you for the link though. Ill look at it.



    you can also try css switching..

    create three stylesheets and let users select which one they want.

    Thank you so10! That website was very helpful. I now have a css switcher instead of just a theme switcher.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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