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Theme problem with new topic page from front page

  • Hi folks,

    Here’s my forum at the moment after some theme-tweakery to make it fit the general theme of my wordpress site. Everything’s more or less fine, but there’s just on little section that I can’t seem to solve – when using the ‘- ADD NEW’ topic link on the latest discussions section on the front page I get a gap between the footer and the new post div, yet this gap is nowhere to be found on any other of the pages. Looks a bit incongruous.

    Here’s a pic of how the problem looks:

    Any help on how to solve this little problem would be great – thanks!

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  • chrishajer


    On the forum home page, the closing </div> for the wrapper is missing, but that’s the page that looks OK. On the Add New page, it appears that the wrapper div is closed, but that’s the page that is messed up. There’s something with the tag not being closed, or being closed in the wrong place that’s causing it to look like that.

    In fact, removing the closing </div> before the footer on the add new page makes that page look fine. It’s not valid, so there’s another problem, but that makes it look ok.

    It’s a really nice site and I love the header. The login form would fit in more if you remove the background: #FFFFFF property in the CSS. :)

    Could you make a test account please, so we can see the HTML?

    Aha – thanks very much chrishajer! I’ve just noticed that there’s a surplus /div in footer.php. I’ve removed it and all is now well, as far as I can tell. Though it’s strange how it only affected that one page (?!). Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

    Thanks fel64 – glad you like the design of the site! :) The header pic was designed by a friend of mine, Patrick Ehrlund. I’m torn about the login background – it does look much better without the white background, but also more difficult to read. I might play with some font colours to get something that displays nicely over the header pic colours.

    A test account? What do you mean? I’ll help if I can.

    I really do :) This Patrick Ehrlund? He’s great – even if he does have a flash website :P

    I’d argue that the coolness of appearance is worth it, since the login form’s not exactly rocket science. I think it’s still pretty distinguishable anyway. Mockups:

    That’s just suggestions if you’re interested, no need to give it further thought :)

    Test account to see the problem with the HTML, didn’t realise Chris had already fixed it. My bad. :)

    Yep – that’s the guy! He very kindly did the artwork for my last CD, so in return I did some sound design for his DVD portfolio. Hopefully we’ll work together again soon.

    Cool – thanks very much for the mockups – I’ll have a play and see what works best.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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