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Theme problem – Integration with WP

  • pccme


    Hi everyone,

    I’m running wp 2.1.3 and I’ve just installed bbpress. The installation goes fine, and it seems that bbpress is using my admin account for wp so that is ok.

    However, I dont’t want to use the “Kakumei” theme. Can I just use the same theme that I have activated for my wp site? That would mean I have to upload the theme files again, to the bbpress theme directory?

    My bbpress installation is in a subdirectory to my wp site. According to the installation docs, that should be fine.

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  • Sam Bauers


    bbPress themes are similar, but not drag-and-drop compatible with WordPress themes. What you are suggesting won’t work.

    You will need to create a new bbPress theme to match your existing theme.

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