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Theme not working!!!

  • I’ve integrated bbpress on top of my wordpress installation

    No matter what I do, I cannot get the themes to work, all permissions are right and they are all in the right place, but I think it’s conflicting, I think wordpress is trying to take ownership of the theme files instead of bbpress

    Can someone please help

    (Because of issue, I’ve taken out link to forums from wordpress page)

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  • Just ask if you want me to activate a theme for bbpress just to see, it doesn’t matter because no one can see it



    Can you load the stylesheet of the theme you wish to load directly into the browser (by typing the URL into the address bar) ?

    Are you using Deep Integration?

    What version of bbPress and WordPress are you using?


    No I can’t

    What’s deep intergration ? (Knew to this)

    bbPress 1.0.2 and WordPress 3.0



    Don’t worry about Deep Integration. If you don’t know it, you’ve not got it, and that makes life easier :)

    If you can’t load the stylesheet of the theme you want to use in your browser (and therefore independant of both wordpress and bbpress – as you’re essentially just loading a text file from a server), then that’ll be the issue.

    Activating the theme you’re after would be great, as would telling us what folder it’s in and what it’s called :)



    The files are not where you think they are, or the permissions are wrong. Or you have something weird going on with your WordPress .htaccess file. But if a physical file or directory exists on the server (like your forums directory) WordPress won’t handle the request for it.

    Can you post a screenshot from your FTP program showing the location of all the theme files in relation to your bbPress installation?

    I’ve just activated iNove

    So this is being called

    <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”” type=”text/css”>

    But it reports a 404 error not found when trying to get



    Screenshot please of your file listing showing where all the files and folders are located. This looks to me like it did before (no styles being applied.)

    It’s probably my htaccess file because I’ve had problems with that in the past with other installations, but what would I have to change for it ?

    and I’ve added the screenshot to the first post on my wordpress install

    Everything which is greyed is not necessary



    Great! Screenshots make life so much easier.

    Ok so you physically know the files are there, but can’t load them in the browser (we get a 404).

    If you’ve had htaccess issues before, I’d have a look there first, but really if it’s loading bbPress it shouldn’t be an issue (always good to rule things out though).

    My gut, growing by the day sadly, tells me it’s a permissions issue. Which is not to say you’ve done anything wrong. Make sure that the “my-templates” directory and all directories/subfolders are at 0755.

    Test again. if things work, then change everything under the “my-templates” directory to 0644, and confirm working.

    Finally, and this is out on a limb a little, check you’re not running any caching plugins in wordpress.

    If that doesn’t work, we’ll see what we can find in the back (the back is a mythical place apparently)


    EDIT: Actually, do you have some form of htaccess command to change everything from to just ?

    That might not be it, but it’s something else to knock off the list.

    Feel like an idiot now, because I was quickly looking over the permissions…

    All the folders were 0755 and files 0644

    But the my-templates permission was 0750

    Sorry about that boys, shows I should take my time looking through things.

    Thanks for the help



    It’s our pleasure.

    You took screenshots, you gave us the info we wanted and we solved the bug.

    Plus its a good place to point people (we get this question about once a week).

    Enjoy your bbpress forum!



    Thanks Kevin.

    The permissions issue when creating the my-plugins and my-templates folders is taken care of in the trunk version, but the packaged release sadly still has the problem, and it gets someone at least once per week.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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