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Theme not compatibe with bbPress plugin

  • Am I missing a line of code?

    I am using a theme called the ‘Stallion theme’. It is based on the old Talian theme which was popular in WP a few years back. Stallion has a lot of options that I really like, in terms of flexibility, design etc.

    However, it does not work with the bbPress plugin.

    It creates forums and topics fine.

    However: if you look under a topic post or forum (I created some sample ones) – a viewer or user can not reply or create new topics. In fact the only thing you see is my related post plugin underneath the post. is the website I am testing this out on.

    It does work with 2010, but not this theme. Is there so line of code that needs to be juggled to make this work with my theme?

    Thank you,


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