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Theme issues

  • tansu


    I am very new to bbpress.
    I have successfully convert my 54000 user vbulletin forum in to bbpress. Also converted more than 1 gigabyte contents database without issues. There were some problematic turkish characters but i solved that issue too.
    But, i am sure it was a very well written document about how to modify and adding new themes to bbpress, I understand completely nothing from them. I also read forum topics about the issue, but most of them pointing the links where the docs are.
    I also tried copying folders and files in to wordpress themes directory or my theme’s directory, nothing is happening. Most probably i did not understand anything from the docs here:
    Can someone please explain to me what to do like explaining to an idiot.Assume my wordpress theme’s name is “wptheme” and please direct me into it by real examples like: Put your wp-content/plugins/bbpress/templates/bbpress folder to wp-content/themes/wordpresstheme folder. or whatever is true 🙂
    Best regards

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  • tansu


    OK, now i am feeling more and more like idiot. Everyone says, it is way more easier than the previous versions, just copy the files from plugins folder to your themes root folder and its done…
    Nothing happens.



    There are two ways for achieving what you need and it took me quite a long time to figure it out too:

    1) You create a child theme just like you did but what I didn’t know is that, after doing it (not forgetting to declare the parent template and the “@import” path accordingly in the css file located inside your child theme folder), you NEED to activate the child theme in your theme section of your WordPress admin. This last part is the one I didn’t know about, which is why it didn’t work at first.

    2) the easier and a little more messier technique is straight forward:
    Just write your custom BBpress css styles at the end of your main theme css file. It’ll work.
    And if you need to change the bbpress template files, just copy the needed files inside your main WordPress theme folder and make the changes there. These files will overwrite the default ones that are in the original bbpress template folder. As simple as that

    Both will work and will not be a problem in case of a WordPress or BBpres update.
    The first technique is to be preferred because you will gather your BBpress children files within a same recognizable folder when the second technique will blend the BBpress children files among the ones of your main theme. Not to mention that if you decide later to switch the WordPress theme, you will have to extract the bbpress children files and styles from the previous WordPress theme to put them in the the new one.
    But ultimately, the result will be the same.

    Hope it helped.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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