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Theme integration

  • anthonytkim


    I have been looking throughout the internet for about 3 days and still haven’t found my answer. I have been checking around this forum as well os If my answer is posted here (or somewhere else for that matter, I do apologize.

    I am trying to integrate bbpress into my current wordpress theme. I followed all of the steps in the bbpress 2.0 compatibility thread, but didn’t have much luck.

    I added the support for bbpress in my functions file, and copied all of the content of the bbpress twenty ten child theme into my current theme, but still didn’t have any luck.

    I am beyond lost as to how this works. I understand the support in the functions, and even copying over the file and the CSS, but I don’t know the specifics. for example:

    can that bbpress twenty ten theme be implemented into ANY wordpress theme by copying those files over?

    And what do we range in the CSS? Am I supposed to merge the CSS files from that child theme, with my current one?

    I hope I’m not beating a dead horse or anything, Just looking for some help! :)


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