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Theme from ElegantTheme not working

  • I have the Chameleon theme from ElegentThemes. And i am trying to find out what to do to make bbpress work. I have it installed and works great on my mobile device. So i know it’s something to do with the theme i have. But i’m not sure where to start to make it work. This is really all i need so if there is a better way of doing it I am all ears! This site is for a small staffing company ( They post a lot of things on Craigs List. But, they want to start posting things on there site. They don’t do a lot of it. So i don’t need anything special like phpBB. But i have thought about it and just don’t care for it much. Since i am so new to this it’s a little frustrating lol. Anyway, they will only post things to one forum, and no one will reply to it. it’s just to let people know it’s there.

    Thank you all for your help! Sorry if it’s a dumb question! =)

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