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Theme Compatibility Confusion

  • Hi all,

    thanks for making such an easy forum solution, I’ve been quite pleased with how much functionality comes right out of the box.

    Though I am getting confused when it comes to best practices for making some typical theme customizations so that I can keep a custom look with future updates of bbpress.

    At this time, I am really only trying to change font styles and sizes and some of the coloring and minor layout items with how the forum renders to match my custom wordpress theme (built off of HTML5 boilerplate).

    I’ve reviewed: &

    but, I don’t feel like it helped and am not sure if things have already changed since those have been written. either that or i am just lost in the number of files that seem to control the theme in bbpress with the added bbp-theme-compat files.

    For instance, i am told to copy over everything from bbpress/bbp-theme-compat/bbpress directory, yet none of those files include the bbp-theme-compat/css files. which is what I will probably doing the most modification of (right?)

    Then it says to copy over the bbpress/extras directory (optionally), but all I can find is the bbpress/bbp-theme-compat/extras directory, is this what was meant?

    Again, really just want to make minor style changes that universally affect the bbpress fonts and colors, yet still want to specifically target those bbpress items.

    Might increase the complexity of the customization, but right now just want to start small and use bbpress best practices so that I don’t lose my customization when upgrading anything.


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  • Lynq


    Inside plugins/bbpress/bbp-theme-compat you should have a folder for:

    bbpress FOLDER
    css FOLDER
    extras FOLDER
    js FOLDER
    bbpress-functions.php FILE

    Then inside the css folder you will have all the css stylesheets to edit and change fonts that you need. Does this look familiar?

    that’s what i’ve got, but when the documentation says I am only copying the plugins/bbpress/bbp-theme-compat/bbpress files, I wonder whether they just mean /plugins/bbpress/bbp-theme-compat files , including the css, extras and js folder…not sure why they’d only want part of the file copied to my theme…so that’s where I am confused.



    I just copied across the whole folder and that worked for me.

    cool. thanks…makes sense now.

    Roger Coathup


    I had the same issue… see:

    I walked through the bbPress code, and discovered where it looked for its css. Amazed it wasn’t documented!

    Colin Tedford


    I had similar confusion. After reading this thread and the one Roger linked (and verifying that I was thus able to alter bbPress CSS), I edited to hopefully prevent anyone else getting confused in the same way.

    When you learn something that seems like it should be in the documentation, please add it to the documentation for the rest of us!



    Having trouble copying over the template. I basically want to use a different header file called get_header(‘bb’) for the BB templates. I read the codex and a few other post and no luck. Here’s what I’ve done:

    Uploaded most recent bbPress Plugin and WordPress install

    This is what bb plugin tree looks like:

    —bbpress FOLDER
    —css FOLDER
    —extras FOLDER
    —js FOLDER

    From my understanding of the bb theme-compatability codex, I copied the contents of the extras folder into a folder in my theme called bbpress.

    I added add_theme_support( ‘bbpress’ ); to the after_setup_theme hook

    Now it should work!?! Should I be copying the contents of default folder into the bbpress folder of my theme?



    Sorry I must have been trippin, I got it working.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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