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Theme Compat: bbPress 2.3 Not Loading [Theme]\css\bbpress.css

  • Chip Bennett


    Upon update to bbPress 2.3, I appeared to lose a considerable amount of my style customizations. To isolate the issue, I manually enqueued [theme]\css\bbpress.css, and all styling returned. So, it appears that the issue is merely that this file is not getting enqueued by bbPress.

    As it turns out: I have a bbpress-functions.php file in [theme]\bbpress, which was taking precedence over the Plugin’s templates\default\bbpress-functions.php file, which handles the stylesheet and script enqueueing.

    Apparently, unlike with WordPress Child Themes, in which the Child Theme functions.php merely loads *prior* to the template (Parent Theme) functions.php, with bbPress Theme compat, if the Theme includes \bbpress\bbpress-functions.php, that file will take *precedence* over the Plugin’s \templates\default\bbpress-functions.php file, and prevent it from loading at all.

    The solution is simple: if you include a functional file (e.g. for adding/removing various filters) as part of your bbPress Theme compat, don’t include it as [theme]\bbpress\bbpress-functions.php file. In my case, I renamed that file as [themename]-bbpress-functions.php, and the problem was resolved.

    Hopefully this will help someone else who encounters the same issue.

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