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  • I am working on a few themes for WordPress and BBPress and would very much like to use (and perhaps release) concurrent ones for wordpress and bbpress.

    The WordPress example, and what I hope to eventually accomplish can be seen here. It’s kind of simple, I know. I am having a bit of trouble with the BBPress theme of the same styling because it does things so much differently than WordPress.

    I am struggling (a bit) with trying to figure out the CSS required, but is there a bit more ‘in-depth’ description of the style sheet and various php files for the basic BBPress theme? I am having trouble getting it to do things the same way as the working theme. As well, is there a way to get the borders of the photographs displayed in posts to change? The graphics used would have to be scalable (corners intact) and be ‘above’ the images photos displayed, and a method for bypassing that feature as well (basically a method of using the same photo to demonstrate the cutouts used).

    Thanks muchly.

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  • There is no description of the stylesheet that I know of, but it’s fairly straightforward. Working on this should be identical to styling WP, only with different classes and ids. There is also no listing of template tags and other API functions, sorry.

    Not sure what you want to do with the images, but some things can be done with CSS.

    .post img {
    property: details;

    You can set things such as the border and the maximum size and the like.

    For incredibly fancy things with images you need swfIR, but that’s a flash thing and as such a) very annoying b) security risks? c) setup difficult.

    Right now, by the way, you appear to be using Trent’s forum theme, which includes a (hardcoded?) link to his about page (second blue tab at the top).

    You may also wish to re-count your forum’s posts (Admin > Site Management I think), as one of your forums has -1 posts.

    Er, thanks for the info. I’ve been working on this too much lately, I forget certain things.

    Thanks for the info on the image property. I’ll check into that. Basically I want to have a normal image change to incorporate the various style of the theme. LIke these two:

    Double Sliced Corner

    Single Sliced Corner

    As you change the theme, the ‘image mask’ overtop changes to a different graphic. It’s something I shall have to work on over the next little while. I could keep the photos used as examples in specific sizes, just to keep the ‘feel’ for the theme.

    I don’t think it’s possible (unless you go the (awful) swfIR way, in which case it may be possible). At least not through CSS (version 2, anyway). A PHP solution would be messy.

    Thannks fel64. I am going to be using the sidebar to post images instead of changing the ones in the posts. It shall probably be easier to keep those images specific to each theme, and I can use various images that may also be in theme with the theme, so to speak.

    BTW my experiment is working:

    I have more of the themes coming, and then the store…

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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