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The status of bbPress?

  • xionkid


    So, I’m thinking of using bbPress for a forum I’m about to create. But, the more I read on this forum, the closer I get to the conclusion that bbPress is a dead project and should be buried. I’m writing this because I want to know if it really is as bad as it seems and in that case, why?!

    So, I want my guest users to have the option to start forum threads and answer to topics, so far so good (but that’s about it). I also want the guest users (non logged in users) to be able to “quote” previous answers – a very basic forum function that is still not included in the most recent bbPress release?! I have searched this forum for answers about a quote function and as far as I can see it was promised to be a feature in the upcoming versions ABOUT 3½ YEARS AGO?! I’ve tried 3 plug ins to accomplish this without success. The Quote feature shows up if I’m logged in as admin, but not for guests. Same results for all the plug ins I’ve tried. Why is this not a standard feature yet?!

    Another thing discussed here is the permalink function, the option to use wildcards to control how the forum permalink structure looks. There’s even a fantastic request about how this feature is supposed to work here: The priority is set as “low” though this is a critical and very useful feature?! Nothing has happened. WHY?!

    It seems that this is the same for all requests for new features on this forum. A lot of users are asking the developers for the most basic functions any forum on the net should have, but 2, 3 even 4 years later, nothing has happened. Again, as far as I can see, this laziness and ignorance showed by the developers is always defended by a phrase that goes something like “bbPress is a basic forum and you can expend it to your hearts content with plug ins!” but that is not the case. There are so few plug ins for bbPress, and even fewer good ones that is currently being updated on a regular basis.

    So, what the f*ck is going on with bbPress? Is there any point in considering bbPress when creating a forum with more >10 users? Why is notning happening?! Also, how would I go about fixing the Quote function problem. “Quote option” isn’t showing to any guest with any plug in.

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  • Robin W


    Starting by complaining about how something that is free doesn’t do it for you is not really the way to get help.

    I suspect that bbpress isn’t for you.



    If there was a good premium wordpress plug in, I would buy it. Believe me!

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