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The most missing option in bbPress!

  • a few days ago I successfully integrated bbPress with WordPress and installed this amazing plugin bbSync; for a few days it all worked seamlessly – every comment in WordPress was going to relevant topic in bbPress and if someone went straigtforward to forum and commented there their comments were included inside relevant post in Wordpres; just brilliant!


    I upgraded to WP 2.6.1 and integrated with 1.0 Alpha (trunk) and it all went wrong; it’s true, even in WP 2.5 + 0..9.2 there occurred some errors but integration between the forum and the site was perfect; and now it does nothing at all and all I get is the following error:

    “Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /users/adado/www/ on line 20”

    it looks like the author of the plugin doesn’t maintain his project and it’s really sad ’cause this is THE PERFECT INTEGRATION of both applications

    I would be in seventh heaven if I woke up one beautiful morning, checked the bbPress.or and.. there it is! a new built-in feature of bbPress 1.0 which makes what bbSync used to do

    I’m PHP amateur so I cant’ do this by myself but I strongly believe there are some brainy people who could make life of many people happier; and looking at the list of plugins: bb Reputation, New User Notification, Post Count Plus, bbPress Signatures, Unread Posts… and many many more I’m talking about one specific person

    all I’m begging for is one more plugin


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  • _ck_


    If I had the ability to delete accounts it would be for people who insist their “missing feature” is the most important ;-)

    Fortunately they are smart enough to not let me delete accounts, lol. Your missing feature is the least needed feature for thousands of other people.

    Let me express this for the 100th time (not just to you, to everyone). 1.0 is *alpha* – it’s not stable, it’s not final, it’s not even close to final. They are adding and changing things daily. Sam just changed something this morning.

    The bb-sync author (fel64?) did a fantastic job. But bbPress changing is not their fault (or their problem unless they want it to be).

    If they go and spend hours to make it work now under 1.0 alpha, it may break again tomorrow. And the day after that. They are still changing 1.0 alpha and will change it again.

    You running 1.0 alpha right now for a live, active site is exactly one person’s problem, yours.

    I thought that’s why someone created Requests and Feedback forum – to let people express themselves and write what they expect from bbPress

    in MY opinion it’s the most important missing feature and checking other threads on this site looks like I’m not alone in my opinion

    and yes I know, it’s 1.0 Alpha and it’s me who takes full responsibility for using the application but thanks to people like me you can spot some problems and solve them before it goes stable and official

    now I’m feeling deleted



    Well you have a point in that it’s important to you and you are expressing your feedback in the feedback section, however again, it’s an alpha issue so I can’t be motivated.

    Oh and I would never actually delete you.

    It was a just my own “feedback” you might say ;-)

    So don’t take it personally.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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