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The Keymaster

  • eagle1980


    Once upon a time..I was the keymaster of my forum…after an update or 2, “Member” now appears under my screen name rather than “Keymaster.” I have also lost the ability to be able to moderate my forum (Bulletin board) since that update. Can anyone direct me on how to make myself the keymaster once again so I might be the administrator of my own BB?

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  • Anonymous User 5853594


    I assume that you’re still admin in WP, so in the Dashboard you should be able to change yourself back to Keymaster.
    Go to the “All Users” tab under “Users”. Check yourself in the list and select “Change forum role to…” and set it to “Keymaster”. Then click on “Change” and it should all be good.



    Thank you for your response….Yes, I still am the Admin, however, when I do what you suggest “Keymaster is not an option in the dropdown menu. I attempted to make myself the “Moderator” in the forum, however nothing appears in the “Forum Roll” designation to the right of my name. All the members in the forum are labeled as “Participants” whereas next to my username and the admin roll nothing appears.
    My problem is, I have no way of actually moderating my own message board since the last update. I once had a tab entitles “Topics” in the menu tabs in the left column in my dashboard which when clicked upon would bring be to the topics on the bulletin board and allow me to edit them. This no longer exists and there is no way to delete or trash unwanted topic on the forum BB. This of course would cause massive chaos if unwanted visitor arrive…..I have read where “The keymaster” roll might bring back the “Topics” tab..but can’t seem to find that way to get there. Any suggestion?
    Thanx again

    Anonymous User 5853594


    You could try a couple of things:
    – Revert to the old version and see what happens.
    – Remove and re-install the current version.
    – De-activate all other plugins too see if there is any change.

    Good luck with troubleshooting!



    Having the same problem as EAGLE1980. Any solutions for this problem?



    Having the same problem

    Same problem.

    I solved this by :

    Going into the BBPress Plugin settings
    Check Auto Role : Give everyone default access to Keymaster role. (Still available here)
    Change it back to the way you had it.
    The Keymaster role should now be available for individual users again

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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