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Thank you bbPress <3

  • defiance12


    I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to @johnjamesjacoby and the rest of the fabulous team for creating and maintaining this excellent free forum software! My forums at look and function better than I could have possibly dreamed. They are super fast and responsive and with the support of the community with the various plugins available, the customizations that you can do with bbPress is almost limitless!

    Also, I wanted to shout out @robin-w, his bbp style pack plugin is fantastic. I have performed many custom css improvements with this addon, and I see him posting regularly on these forums assisting others. A big thank you to you sir!

    One request, if you guys deem my forums to be on par with the other forums showcased at I’d appreciate a link to my forums their too, so other potential users can see what this great open-source forum can do 🙂

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  • wpturk


    @defiance12 : Your forum looks great.

    Many other forum softwares we’ve tried have hundreds of features we do not need. Bbpress is lightweight and easy to use. So a big thank you from me to the community and team too.

    We did also a lot of customizations and shaped bbpress for our leading turkish business directory.

    Our forum:



    Good idea for Christmas! 2 years ago we switched to bbpress from Drupal – and we are still happy. It has become much easier to work – everything is easily scalable and customizable. The forum at the heart of our site –
    Now we have an editor-in-chief, not a tired programmer) There is no such service that would not be in WordPress, and some ideas were suggested to us by plugin authors.

    Special thanks to @johnjamesjacoby and @robin-w – success and good luck the New year!



    Thank you guys from bbPress team!

    Dale Reardon



    Also loving BBPress and I use a ton of addon plugins from Dev4Press on our forums:

    Travel For All Forums

    How do we get considered for inclusion in the forum examples?


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