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text editor list tag breaking styling

  • mediaplasmid


    Hi all,

    here is a problem that one of my members ran into whilst testing out the different tags available in the text editor. As he was unfamiliar with html tags he didn’t realise that a list tag would need to be nested within a ul/ol. Anyway, the problem occurs whenever someone posts a reply which contains an unnested list item (<li>list item</li>). Once the post is published the list tag is rendered underneath the unordered list class=”forums bbp-replies”. This causes styling issues for anything being displayed underneath the post.

    I thought this may of just been my forum, but i briefly tested it on this forum and it also causes styling issues.

    You can find a screenshot comparison of how my forum looks normally and how it looks with the tag breaking the style.

    Comparison screenshot

    The image doesn’t show the severity of the issue, but you can see how a simple tag that any user can post can effect styles which are outside of the text editor.

    I tried searching but couldn’t find anyone else reporting a similar issue. Has anyone else run into this before? are the bbpress developers aware?

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