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Temporarily hide responses per topic?

  • bhkh


    Does anyone know about a plugin that allows a moderator to temporarily hide the responses to an individual post and then later unhindered them?

    The use case would be for a teacher who wanted all the students to post a response without being influenced by the other students replying. Then once all had replied the moderator/teacher could show them and let a more traditional discussion begin.

    I realize that it could be done with custom css for each post. But that’s not really very user friendly for the moderator.

    And ideally students should be able to see their own replies.

    I hope it’s ok to ask a question like this here.


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  • bhkh


    I just realized that being able to set all the posts in a topic to be moderated would also be an acceptable solution. But the two moderation plugins I have found don’t give this functionality.

    These are the two I checked:

    bbPress – Moderation Tools

    bbPress Moderation

    Does anyone know of a plugin that might help from this angle?

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