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Template hierachy not working

  • jralston


    I’ve made edits to the core bbpress files – then realized I need to copy the templates in order to not have those edits overwritten when I upgrade. Core files I edited are: archive-forum.php and single-forum.php in my themes folder.

    1 – Will those 2 get overwritten?
    2 – If so, when I copy in content-archive-forum.php, content-single-forum.php and content-archive-topic. They do not have any effect on the bbpress display. I thought copying those files into theme folder bbpress would look at those files first?

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  • Yes, they will get overwritten and details on what to copy and where to copy them to can be found here:



    Yes – I’ve seen this page you recommended and was very excited to get started… but when I copy over those templates into my theme folder they do not take effect. I make changes to those newly copied templates and those changes are not reflected on the bbpress pages.
    As I understand it:
    -content-archive-forum.php will be seen instead of archive-forum.php
    -content-single-forum.php will be seen instead of single-forum.php

    But it’s not. Help? Where am I going wrong?



    Did you copy the files to YOURTHEME/bbpress?

    Just leave the name of the files the way they used to be.



    Yes. I am trying to use the full template – not template part – so I copied the files into the root of my theme as it says to do here:
    The “extras” directory contains optional root level page templates, to make life a little easier when customizing; copy any you want to use or modify into the root of your theme. eg. /wp-content/themes/%your-theme%/

    I did not rename the files.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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