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template function list

  • So far I noticed bb_stylesheet_uri() and bb_location() [plus a few others that seem to have options].

    Is there a definitive list of template functions in the documentation?

    If not, could we start a list, add to it as we go and offer it for inclusion with the documentation?

    Either way, I’m looking for a list of template functions.


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  • thomasklaiber


    Maybe doing it the wiki-way? :)

    As I know there is no list aviable at the moment.

    The documentation is limited, but you have a list of all the functions in /my-includes/template-functions.php


    “a list of all the functions in /my-includes/template-functions.php”

    Indeed, and to be honest I forgot about that.

    Anyway, wouldn’t it be neat to see some examples, etc a la the WordPress codex.

    If we assume for a moment, that there a several people who would be happy to contribute to a topic like that, where do we go to from here, and how does it get collated in documentation.

    FWIW, bbPress forums are terrific, but they are often answering simple questions (like mine??) that really should be in documentation. Someone suggested a wiki but I think WP has been there and done that. Somehow the user community needs a forum (excuse the pun) to help build the documentation.

    Gee, sounds like I’m all fired up, which I’m not. But I can see bbPress dying on the vine for want of continuous improvement in documentation.

    To be perfectly honest, this talk did occur as you know in this forum and the dev lists. The real reason the documentation will not be as centralized as quickly as we would all like is for a good reason. We are about to roll out many releases quickly on our way to a MAJOR release that doesn’t change much. Once we get there we can slow it down and focus on the docs.

    At least that was the majority thoughts! Version at least 1.0 and maybe 1.5



    Just looked at milestones; exciting times ahead.



Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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