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Template files inheritance

  • Chris


    Hi peeps,

    I have once before integrated an older release of bbPress 2 which worked fine, i was able to get all the templates to inherit from the activate WordPress theme but in the latest release that inheritance seems to have stopped working for me. Here’s a rundown of what i have done:

    1. Copied all the files from within /bbpress/bbp-themes/bbp-twentyten to the current theme i have activated
    2. I have merged the activate themes functions.php file with the functions.php file from bbp-twentyten and removed the extra 2 occurrences for style.css
    3. Re-named all occurrences of Twenty-Ten to %THEME_NAME%
    4. Ensured add_theme_support('bbpress') exists at the top of my activate themes functions.php file

    I have tried everything i physically can, i can modify the files within my themes bbpress folder but just am unable to get the page-* files to respect my changes. I have more then likely overlooked something but i have spent a good 1-2 hours reading through thread after thread and have come up empty handy.

    Thanks in advanced.

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  • Anointed


    Had a talk with JJ about a month ago or so about exactly this. At one point he was contemplating removing the templates all together and rather going with a shortcode only system.

    I’m pretty sure that in the end this was decided against, but I have not checked the code lately to see what ended up happening.

    I do know that in my current theme I was not able to easily use the templates to override the defaults. That was a change from prior, and I thought it was just me being stupid again.

    Maybe it was left in limbo or something, we’ll probably have to wait until he jumps back in here and lets us know what changed.

    John James Jacoby


    Chris – would probably need to access your installation and play with it. It sounds like everything should be working. This will also be easier in bbPress 2.1.



    Hi John,

    What would be the best method for me to get the access credentials to you as the site is still in production.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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