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Tabbing the bbPress options page

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    I am adding a number of new options to bbPress and want to add the user inputs to the bbPress options page. Instead of messing around with the default options page, I simply want to add a few tabs to the page where I can add my options.

    I do know how to do this when writing my own page from scratch, but do not yet know how to add tabs and options to an existing bbPress options page.

    example of what I am talking about:

    Can anyone point me to a plugin, or code snippet that would show me how to extend the bbPress options page with tabs and options?


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    bumping it up.

    Because the bbPress settings page does not register a starting tab, I have had no luck adding tabs to the page without messing everything up. (standard bbPress options have no ‘home’ tab to attach themselves to).

    Any dev’s wanna jump in on this one with me?

    John James Jacoby


    The WordPress core tab UI is built into the header area of the settings page, and consequentially does not have an API to go along with it. The other issue with using tabs instead of new settings pages, the navigation doesn’t appear anywhere else and requires more clicks to get to secondary tabs.

    I’m not a fan of nesting options inside so many tabs. bbPress core settings aren’t the place to put theme options. You can use the WordPress settings API if you want to add additional settings that fit side-by-side with bbPress core features. Anything else probably deserves it’s own unique UI and page.

    Gautam Gupta


    You can view how I added settings for my plugin, within the bbPress options page here (without tabbing, just appends to the options page):




    Yes I read through your code prior to posting this and used it as an example of how to add options to the page.

    It was because of reading your code that I was asking about using tabs. My reason for this is that it would give the users a clear distinction between ‘core’ and ‘custom’ options while still maintaining all options in the same page.

    Just thought it would be unique, cool, and provide yet another level of organization to bbPress.



    Yes, I study via your code previous to posting this and used it for instance of a way to add alternatives to the page.

    It became because of reading your code that I become asking approximately using tabs. My purpose for this is that it might deliver the customers a clear distinction between ‘middle’ and ‘custom’ options whilst nevertheless maintaining all options on the same web page.

    Just thought it might be precise, cool, and offer but another degree of the company to bbPress.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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