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Sytling the Admin Screens

  • slambert1971


    I am working on a project where I will use bbPress in a large corporate environment and styling it very differently then a standard forum. Sorry, I can’t show it to you because it is part of our Intranet. I have the front end layed out almost exactly as I want it and presented the prototype to our CIO. He likes the front end, but did not like the back end (admin) area.

    The problem is that he manage forums page is not very intuitive to the non-technical person. Because we will have non-technical people managing the forums, I need to change how the manage forums page looks, without editing core code if possible. I will also be adding links in the front end to those people who have access to manage a given forum to edit the forum details.

    This leads to the second part. Each forum is supposed to have a short intro, long intro and an associated photo. Are there any plugins that add fields and/or photos to a forum, or will I need to write that? I have searched here but haven’t found any yet. The less code I have to right the better, just need to know where to start this process.


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