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Synchronizing replies between Activity Streams, Groups and Group Forums

  • Rachel Biel


    I have a problem and I don’t know if it is related to BuddyPress or BBPress and it’s made it very confusing for our users. The same thread shows up in the three pages: Activity Streams, Group Home Page and Group Forum Page. I have deactivated the sitewide Forums as I think it is confusing enough without it. So, we are focusing on having Group topics and discussing within them. But, because the thread shows up in all three places and can be replied to in any of them, one would think that the replies would follow through on all of the pages where the thread is displayed.

    I think that this might have something to do with nested replies. They show up on the Activity Streams (if one replies on that page) and on the Group Home page, but they don’t follow through on the forum. You can see it here: Members are supposed to register their blogs on the Topic page of the forum: Most did not understand that they should go to their page and just added their blogs to the Home page of that group. I replied with “Added” for the ones that I added to the RSS Feed ( But, my “Added” reply does not show up on the Forum Topic version of the same thread.

    Any suggestions on how to deal with this? It makes things very confusing.

    I don’t want to mess with code so if you have suggestions, please make them for what can be done within the BBPress or BuddyPress options….

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