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Switching Accounts redirects to homepage of the website

  • terrifictary


    I have a website which has many accounts (Say A, B, C, D). Now suppose I have selected account “A” and navigates to various pages from 1->2->3 and so on.

    Say I am on page 3 (for Account “A”), now I want to switch my account from “A” to “B”, but want to remain on Page 3.

    What is currently happening in my wordpress site, when I switch the accounts (be it on any page), I am always redirected to my site’s Homepage.

    I want even if I am switching account, I want to remain on same page of my website.
    Can someone please help me on the same!!

    Let me share a snap of the same. As per the first snapshot (Snap_one.png), I am currently under Manage Project page (Logged in as Admin) for Account ThingieMcThingie (encircled in yellow).

    Now, when I switch the account from ThingieMcThingie to some other (The Poke – for example), I am redirected to my website’s homepage itself.

    The Account has been switched successfully, but I am redirected to my Homepage(or Dashboard Page).Snap_One.png

    What I want is, when I switch the accounts, I should remain at the same page (My Projects in above example).

    Snap_One – When I am Logged in as Admin under My Projects page for ThingieMcThingie account

    Snap_Two – When I am switching account from ThingieMcThingie to The Poke.

    Snap_Three – When I have switched my account from ThingieMcThingie to The Poke. The Page is redirected from My Projects to Homepage (Dashboard Page)


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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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