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Support Forum Right?

  • gbbuggs


    Is it a reason why my two previous topics have been overlooked and unanswered? Are you not familiar with the question or is this not a support forum for BBpress users?

    I am having issues with BBpress search bar. It is showing results for my entire site, as opposed, to just forum material. Please advise if you are able. Thank you

    I am using BBpress 2.5.14, WordPress 4.9.1 and here is a link to my site.

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  • Robin W


    or is this not a support forum for BBpress users

    yes this is, but you misunderstand how open source software works

    People write open source software in their own time and offer it for free. Under the open software foundation the software is offered without any warranty or support. You use it if you like and not if you don’t. It is perhaps a bit much to expect software authors to answer every question someone might have about that software, or indeed having offered that software to the world for free, that they should invest any time to this unless they wish to.

    If someone gave you a car for free, would you complain because they don’t come and service it for you?

    I am not a bbpress author, I’m just a guy who uses this software, and in turn spends some of my time in trying to help others.

    I have seen your questions, and there are many reasons why it might not work.

    The most obvious are in and in particular the troubleshooting section on plugins and themes will probably get you to a root cause.

    Once you have worked through those, do come back.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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