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Support Forum & My Views Compatibility

  • I have both the My Views and Support Forums plugins installed. They work well together except for 1 thing. Both plugins add a new filter to bb_views.

    If both plugins are running the new views from My Views are the only ones to show up. The Support Forums views are not listed. After poking through the code I was able to fix it by making sure that the Support Forums bb_views filter was added AFTER the My Views bb_views filter. To do so edit support-forum.php .

    Replace line 432

    add_filter('bb_views', array(&$this, 'addViews'));


    add_filter('bb_views', array(&$this, 'addViews'), 200);

    You should now be able to see the views from both plugins.

    I’m no expert, but it seems like when My Views is adding my_views_init to the bb_views filter its overwriting whatever Support Forums has already added to the filter. Just a guess. I’m sure ck, so1o, mdawaffe, or SamBauers will know exactly what is going on.


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  • _ck_


    Hi, I’ll be working on my bbpress stuff again later in October but thanks for figuring this out. I wouldn’t normally test it with the support forum plugin so I wasn’t aware of that behavior.

    Not sure why My Views is trashing the support forum views but I’ll investigate further sometime soon – it might have to do with the way My Views lets you re-order the views, though it should not delete any.

    (you’re using v0.08 correct?)

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