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Super Search plugin failing

  • I just downloaded and installed Super Search on my forum. I get the following error from the GZip plugin;

    Warning: ob_start() [ref.outcontrol]: output handler ‘ob_gzhandler’ cannot be used twice in /home/letsdoo/public_html/TalkSpirit/my-plugins/_bb-gzip.php on line 12

    but I can’t find anything in Super Search using gzhandler. Any ideas folks..?

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  • Hmm, I can’t see it either – but _ck_ mentioned that her gzip plugin usually isn’t needed in most cases?

    Also, the bb-gzip plugin is only necessary if your server does not already compress pages, which is rare these days, so make sure you are not duplicating the effort.

    Maybe you could get away with disabling the bb-gzip plugin, which would hopefully resolve the problem?

    Hi Johnhiler. I tried disabling the GZip plugin, but I can see the slowdown in page loading. It’s not terrible, but it’s almost instant using GZip, so I’d rather keep it running. I guess my hoster doesn’t compress pages by default. I’ll ask them though.

    I put $bb->load_options = true; into my bb-config.php, but I can’t see any difference. Probably too small for a eyes and a brain to spot.

    If you disable the Super Search plugin, does the GZip error go away?



    Michael3185, something in your setup is causing bb_send_headers to be sent twice.

    Try commenting out line 10 in super-search-init.php

    // bb_send_headers();

    Yay! Thanks _ck_. Superb plugin. Just out of interest, if you read this again; what does bb_send_headers() do..?



    It sends all the invisible code before the webpage that your browser requires to understand the language, etc.

    In theory commenting it out is very bad but for some reason with bb-gzip it’s being triggered twice which should not happen and is bad. The fix I gave you is a lazy workaround for now until I have time to address it properly one day (and might need a completely different fix with bbPress 1.0.1 etc)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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