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    I’m wondering if maybe somewhere in the extend area of the bbPress site we might be able to add a link to the Pro Forums website (click my name-link thing). While you may think this is only shameless self-promotion, I assure you my intentions are better. I think that, if you are someone who isn’t quite as addicted to the bbPress forums and doesn’t sniff around the plugins area every second for new bits to come out, and doesn’t spend Saturdays looking at bbPress bug reports, it can sometimes be difficult to really keep up on all that is new with bbPress, and thus a little less user-friendly then one could hope for. That’s where Trent and my site comes in. We keep track of all that’s going on in the bbPress galaxy and slim it down so John Doe can keep track. So, I guess in conclusion, I’m wondering if you might be able to add a link to the Pro Forums site ( in my efforts to spread the word and get more people involved with bbPress. I won’t be offended if the answer is no, by the way, so don’t worry.

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  • Send some feedback to the dev list as well Brad and you might get a bit more feedback on the issue from the decision makers.


    Speaking only as an interested observer with nothing to gain beyond a better piece of GPL software, I can’t see anything wrong with the idea, except that if there’s a link for one site, then egalitarian spirit would dictate that there should be a link to every site that claimed to be supportive; so then there’s a need to create some kind of criteria for worthy sites, then the list has to be maintained, or it’s of little worth, etc. etc.

    So, what’s needed therefore, perhaps, is where such discussion and linkage can naturally live and die without too much administrative overhead.

    As for the centralized wiki, bbPress is going to change so rapid with major upgrades that the developers have opted to stay out of that idea until we are well into more substantial releases.

    I will admit that I plan on helping Pro Forum as much as possible because it is a site dedicated to bbPress, but really doesn’t have to be affiliated with bbPress at all. Later on, if it turns out to be a great resource for bbPress users, it will get around on its own. These things take time to play themselves out.

    But like I said before, this really isn’t a support issue and is best discussed in the dev lists.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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