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Subscription to forum level does not work

  • Killerrabbit2


    Subscribing to specific topics sends an appropriate email. However, if any level user in the forum subscribes to a forum, not just a topic, the notifications are not sent.


    WP V. 3.9.1
    bbPress v 2.5.4

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  • Mareva


    I have exactly the same problem, using :
    – WP V. 3.9.1
    – bbPress v 2.5.4
    – bbP Private Groups
    – bbP Members only
    – GD bbPress Attachments.

    Did sommebody already met and fixed this?



    I believe the issue is that users do not receive notifications when the topic is created on the back-end. If topics are created on the front end and users are subscribed to the forum they should get the notifications.

    I found this previous post that describes the issue:

    Users don't receive notifications for new topics created in admin

    What this means in my case is that I need to instruct my keymasters or moderators to create their topics on the front end for proper notifications to happen. I have tested this and I believe it works. A pain I know, but at least there is a work-around.



    Update- this solution above actually does not work.

    I have done more testing and here is the problem:
    A user can subscribe to a forum and will be sent notifications. However, if the user posts anything the notifications will stop coming. If he clicks to follow the post it will send notifications. The same is true for checking the box for receiving an email notification after submitting a comment.

    This is totally baffling and I have gotten to the point where I might just have to remove the subscribe link which totally bites. Ideas?? My client would not be happy. Thanks



    Update: did more testing – If the user also clicks to subscribe to the post and then enters a comment into the string he does not receive any more updates.

    In addition I installed a brand new version of WP running Twenty Fourteen and just the bbPress plugin. Is this a known bug?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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