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Subscribe to topic not saving when you post a reply immediately afterwards

  • tonyalawrence



    We are hitting an issue where if you…

    1. Visit a Topic for example and hit Subscribe. It then swaps to Unsubscribe to indicate you have Subscribed which is all correct. However if you then scroll down and post a reply, the Unsubscribe label reverts back to Subscribe as if you had never subscribed.

    2. If you instead hit Subscribe, it changes to Unsubscribe, all correct, if you then refresh the page (as if to ensure it has been saved), it remains as Unsubscribe, again all correct. And then you post a reply, that then all works fine.

    Has anyone else had the circumstances on point 1, and if so is there any solution for this?

    Many thanks for your help,

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  • Robin W


    this is because of the ‘notify me of follow up replies via email’, which is actually the same as ‘subscribe’

    If the user is not subscribed, then when the page is sent to the browser the page shows ‘subscribe’ as an option and has the ‘notify me’ unticked.

    when you click the subscribe, the database is changed, but the box is still left unticked. So on posting a reply, the absence of a tick ‘unsubscribes’ the user that has just subscribed 🙂

    It would be possible to create some js to correct this, but beyond free help.

    however given that someone replying probably wants to be subscribed :

    if you are using or want to use

    bbp style pack

    go to
    dashboard>settings>bbp style pack>Topic/Reply Form>item 6 and set as default

    or use:

    Reply Subscribed



    Hi @robin-w,

    Thanks ever so much for this!

    That is really helpful and will explore these 2 x plugins :).

    Many thanks again,

    Robin W



Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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