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Subscribe to topic absent for every but admin roles

  • mukut


    Observing a strange behavior that might be caused by Ultimate Member & bbPress working together (free integration).

    In short, if ppl registered on my website as anything but ADMIN (either through UM form or added manually through wp-admin) they do not see “subscribe” to topic or thread option, whereas admins can see and subscribe.

    Thie feature is very important to my business, as we provide financial analysis and need ppl to instantly learn about new updates – specifically the ones coming from threads they signed up.

    I’v tried to turn off other plugins but the issues seems to come to user roles being somehow manipulated by either Ultimate Member or another plugin(s) (less likely). We also use “learndash” LMS, but not sure if it’s relevant.

    I don’t’ think its related to Theme since the “Subscribe” to topic option is working perfectly fine if you are an admin.

    BBPRess version: 2.5.13

    WP Version:4.7.6

    WP theme: DFD Natie

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