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Subscribe to Entire Forum or RSS Feed of Entire Forum

  • gabekassel


    I need a means to subscribe to an entire forum to be notified when updates are made (for moderators since the forum is small right now)

    what’s the best way to do this?


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  • artkahlich


    Regarding the current Forum subscriptions:
    1. Do they apply only to the current forum, or to sub-forums as well? I am seeing behavior that a subscription to a forum does ”’not”’ subscribe you to all sub-forums as well. Will I and all my moderators have to go and subscribe to each sub-forum in the entire forum tree?
    2. Do they apply only to new topics? Or to ask another way, do they also apply to all of a forum’s existing topic replies? Here again, I am seeing behavior that leads me to believe that I will only get a single new topic notification, but I will have to go and ”’manually subscribe”’ to each individual topic if I want to see replies to that topic. For administrators and moderators this would be nastily inconvenient behavior.

    The wording at for precisely what subscriptions do appears ambiguous to me in these areas.

    Even though RSS for the entire forum is currently implemented, I still have a great interest in a simple email subscription that is equivalent. Simply put, the reason is simplicity for my users, moderators, etc., as well as for me as an administrator/implementer. While I can setup something using the RSS feed that would generate email notifications to all my moderators, I don’t want to for a variety of reasons including time to implement and potential security holes.

    A thought: you may decide to implement both “forum local” and “forum with sub-forums” subscriptions. When unsubscribed, the links would display as:
    ”’Subscribe”’ – if there are no sub-forums
    ”’Subscribe with sub-forums”’ – if there are sub-forums (the default)
    ”’Subscribe without sub-forums”’ – if there are sub-forums (user selectable)
    where the ”’without sub-forums”’ versus ”’with sub-forums”’ are 2 faces of a toggle link (similar to your Subscribe/Unsubscribe toggle link) controlling what the ”’Subscribe”’ link in fact subscribes the user to.

    If you choose to implement only a single behavior for forum subscriptions, I am ”’strongly”’ in favor of including all sub-forum new topics and replies. I can see every bbPress site administrator and forum moderator wanting this functionality.

    I also think it extremely counter intuitive to not include existing topic replies in a forum subscription. I hope you do already, but I have not experimented with it enough to know precisely how the forum subscriptions behave.

    NB: The “unsubscribe” bug may have clouded my observations of real forum subscription behavior.



    Can anybody tell me how to subscribe to an entire forum. I have the option turned on in the dashboard but can’t say anything related in the front end.

    How does a user subscribe to a forum?

Viewing 2 replies - 26 through 27 (of 27 total)
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