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Submitting registration form results in blank page

  • Can anyone help me with this?

    I’ve been setting up my own template for my installation of bbPress (modifying a copy of Kakumei), and at some point along the way the function to register as a new user has broken. Now when you fill in the registration form and click submit, you just get a blank page. No details arrive via email, but the user does appear as registered in the back end of bbPress. I can’t work out where the error is occurring!

    I’ve tried switching back to the default theme: no effect.

    My only active plug in is Askimet. I tried disabling that: no effect.

    I don’t think I edited any of the core files (I’ve just been working in my own template folder), so I’ve run out of ideas!

    Can anyone give me any other areas I should investigate?


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  • chrishajer


    If you get a blank screen, it’s likely due to a 500 Internal Server Error. Do you have access to error logs?

    I’m not sure.

    There is a file called error_log in my site root folder, and one in my bbPress folder. They each contain some PHP error messages, but none of them are dated for today, they are all from a couple of weeks ago.

    I can’t find any other files called error_log in the site.



    It would be strange if you were using the default theme and no plugins and it would do this. Especially if you did not modify any core files. Did the trouble first start after you made modifications?

    Not all hosts have error logs enabled.

    It’s definitely doing it in both of the Kakumei themes, with Askimet (and everything else disabled). It was letting me register account previously, so it must be after I started making modifications.

    I’m currently pulling in the header and footer from my WordPress theme using ‘deep integration’ (which I don’t really understand if I’m honest), but I haven’t integrated my bbPress with WordPress so the users are shared or anything like that.

    To do that, I did add ‘require_once(dirname(__FILE__) . ‘/../../wp-load.php’);’ at the end of my bb-config.php file. Could that be causing a conflict of some kind? I think that’s the only core file I touched.

    I realise that this is starting to sound like I’ve broken it at some point along the line :-(

    OK yes, it’s something to do with that.

    If I take out the deep integration line from my bb-config.php, switch back to Kakumei because my theme is now broken, the registration problem goes away.

    Have I misunderstood how calling wp-load.php affects bbPress? I just wanted to be able to call my header and footer in from my WordPress template. I’m thinking maybe wp-load.php is loading a function that conflicts with bbPress’s registration functions maybe?

    Thanks for you help, by the way!



    That’s probably it – conflict with how you’re loading wp-load.php.

    How are you loading wp-load.php and does the file actually exist in the location you are using in bb-config.php.

    It would be easier if you could see the errors, but it’s something to do with the integration. Glad you mentioned that.

    I have placed the following line at the end of the bb-config.php file in my bbPress root folder:

    require_once(dirname(__FILE__) . ‘/../../wp-load.php’);

    I think that the path must be correct because the header and footer load correctly. I’ve replaced the contents of my bbPress header.php file in my modified theme so that it just calls the WordPress function ‘get_header()’, and then WordPress seems to take care of the rest.

    If this is a really stupid way of me calling my header and footer, I guess I could just remove the reference to wp-load.php and try to set up my header differently in bbPress. I thought this way would be more efficient though!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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