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Submit button cut off & Subscribe too far left justified

  • darrennye



    Or see:

    They are currently hidden from the navigation.

    Look in the Intros section and click the Test post.

    You will see in the reply area, the Submit button is cut off on the right side. In fact almost everything is slightly cut off on the right margin.

    In addition, the Subscribe link is left justified where it shouldn’t be.

    The website is using the most current WordPress, most current WooThemes Canvas theme, and the most current bbPress. I have updated all plugins to current versions.

    I have also disabled all plugins and see the same result. When I switch to the twenty-seventeen wordpress plugin, the submit button is not cut off and things look a bit better, but the Subscribe link is still too far left justified. So this is a conflict between the Canvas theme and bbPress.

    I opened a support ticket with WooThemes and they have suggested trying to use the plug-in to resolve any style issues but the plugin looks very complicated to use.

    Any suggestions?

    Are there any “current” documentation that someone has written, on how to make Canvas play nice with bbPress? I found some old sites with comments about this but nothing recent (which might relate to more current versions).

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  • darrennye


    After reading many forums, and trying many other themes, I found that all stock wordpress themes, had no issue with the right margin on bbpress content (and the submit button) from being cut off. Disabling all plugins also made no difference. So I went back to WooThemes and had another chat with a tech, and I explained all this to them. Nicole immediately knew what the problem was. I added the following to Canvas > Settings > Custom CSS:

    fieldset { width: auto; }

    Wallah!! That did it.

    I asked her to please put this in the next WooThemes Canvas update, so others don’t have to spend days figuring this out.

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