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Sub Forum Drop Down Menu

  • cocktail5555


    I am new to WP and BBpress. Slowly learning the ropes as I play with the software. 🙂

    I have my forums setup like this:

    - Alabama
      - Swap Meet
      - Bulletin Board
    - Alaska
      - Swap Meet
      - Bulletin Board
    - Arizona
      - Swap Meet
      - Bulletin Board
    - Etc.

    I am sending users to a page that holds the “Create Topic” block to post directly into one of these forums. Problem is the user only has one drop down menu for selecting the forum to post in. That is a very large drop down list and could be confusing to the users.

    I would like to add a second drop down menu for selecting the sub-menu to post in.

    Example: User gets taken to the create topic page, fills in the information, select their state from drop down menu #1, then selects the sub forum. Press submit and it gets posted in the correct forum.

    How do I go about doing this?

    Please keep in mind that I am new to all of this and detailed directions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks SO much!

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