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Style Sheet

  • To add to my last post, It appears that the style sheet is not being applied to the forum. I would like to make some extensive changes and I need to know what files I use and how is the style sheet to be linked? Do we have access to the html and can we change the layout?

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  • chrishajer


    Sounds like the path to the site is wrong in the config. Do you have a URL where this is occuring, or any info about your hosting setup.

    You have access to the HTML in all the template files and the CSS too. You can make bbPress look like whatever you want.

    The set up is simply http://localhost/bp_web/forums/bbpress and the site is up with no style sheet. I have looked through the templates and I have viewed the source and the style sheet is coming-up as error 404 not found. It seems to me that somewhere in the bbpress coding that the style sheet is not linked properly. I’m not very well versed in php but I have a good handle on css and xhtml.

    Same here, I did copy “kakumei” in my-templates, renamed the folder and started editing, but style.css is not found, neither are all pictures and the screenshot.png is not shown in admin->appearance. I can activate the template but all pics/style stuff is missing.

    Any idea?

    Forum funcionality and default theme are all working fine.

    Fixed thank to another post in here, my-plugins and my-tempaltes had not properly chmodded with 755.

    chmodding my-templates and my-plugins fixed for bb-admin, but in the frontpage is still missing. It’s soemthing related to permissions for sure because it’s working locally on my PC on Vista.

    edit :

    If I move the same custom template from my-templates/ to bb-templates/ , it works.

    Hope this glitch with my-templates/ themes will be fixed in future releases

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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